Product Portrait Air spring

Suitable for Renault Trucks - Midlum II DXi 5/7 Volvo - F/FL/N/NL 10/12/16 replaces: Conti: 4927 N P01 Renault: 50 10 630 800 Volvo: 20722409 Product Details Min. height 218 mm Max. height 540 mm Max. outer Ø (at 7 bar impact) 285 mm Outer Ø head plate 258 mm Weight 6,712 kg Construction of the air spring The air spring is comprised of a mixture of natural rubber (NR) and butadiene rubber (BR) Flanged plate for securing the air spring to the vehicle frame Plastic pistons for the connection between air spring and axle The hollow spring serves as a buffer for limitation of spring compression and ensures emergency running properties. Textile inlays (PA66) Steel wire core Standardized air and mounting connections 1 1 2 2 6 6 3 3 7 7 4 4 5 5 Product info: The air spring is an aid to achieving a smooth driving style and is a contributory component in regulating the vehicle height. The air spring 6.13041 is distinguished by its high-quality finish. The individual components are produced according to the latest technology and coordinated. This ensures a perfect fit, optimum vehicle suspension and driving dynamic, as well as the optimal height of the vehicle, which is regulated by the level control regardless of load conditions. The rolling piston of the air spring is made of plastic. Product Portrait 6.13041 Air spring, with plastic piston replaces Conti: 4927 N P01