Product Portrait Camshaft

Construction of the camshaft Shaft Bearing seat 1 2 Replaces Renault 74 20 742 610 Volvo 20742610 Volvo 22431886 Suitable for Renault Trucks Kerax DXi 13, C Volvo FH/FM/FMX/NH 9/10/11/12/13/16 D 13 A/B/C Product details Length: 1049.6 mm Hardness: max. 750 HV Thread: M10 Surface roughness: Ra 0.3 3 4 Cam Drive side 3 4 2 1 Product info: The camshaft opens and closes the engine’s intake and exhaust valves at the right time. This is achieved via an exact stroke and a precisely defined sequence. The camshaft is driven by the crankshaft via gears and timing belts. With a transmission ratio of 2:1, the camshaft rotates only half as fast as the crankshaft. The precise shape of the cams is crucial for ensuring the correct opening time and valve lift. The steel used in their production is characterised by high wear resistance. Induction hardening of the camshaft prevents micro-cracks in its surface and increases its service life. Its quality is additionally ensured by 3D recordings and dynamic tests. Product Portrait 2.10802 Camshaft