Product Portrait Belt tensioner

Structure of the belt tensioner Dampers Compression spring made of spring steel 1 2 Replaces 541 200 3470 Suitable for Mercedes-Benz Actros/ Antos/Arocs/Axor OM 457 LA, OM 501 LA, OM 502 LA Product details Diameter: 80 mm Height: 48 mm Bore: 10 mm 3 4 Sintered metal bushing Tension pulley bracket Tension pulley 5 1 2 4 3 5 Product info: Belt tensioners ensure the correct tensioning of the V-belt or V-ribbed belt as well as the damping of belt vibrations resulting from changes in load of the motor or the auxiliary units. This hydraulically damped belt tensioner is a high performance product and is suitable for applications with precise tension and critical dynamic behaviour. The optimum damping of the belt vibration is ensured by a compression spring made of high-quality spring steel. The sintered metal bush with Teflon coating ensures easy sliding of the belt tensioner. The sustainable quality of DT Spare Parts belt tensioners is regularly checked in a 500-hour service life test. Product Portrait 4.62701 Belt tensioner