Product Portrait Headlamp, left

Replaces MAN 81.25101.6501 MAN 81.25101.6661 MAN 81.25101.6685 MAN 81.25101.6747 Suitable for MAN TGA/TGL/TGM/TGS/TGX Product details For right-hand traffic With daytime running lights Manual height adjustment With LED parking light Weight: 4,3 Kg Jacket shape: H7 Parameters: PY21W, H21W, LED Required bulbs: 2x H7 24V (2.27227) 1x PY21W 24V (2.27232) 1x H21W 24V (1.21583) Illumination passing beam/driving beam: 103 Lux / 140 Lux 5 Main headlamp structure Headlamp glass, left 3.31027 Seal Light conductor for LED parking light Reflector Housing Cover LED unit 3.32075 1 2 3 6 4 7 6 6 1 2 2 3 7 4 5 Product info: In the main headlamps 3.31016 and 3.31017, the required lighting pattern for driving beam and passing beam is generated by bundling the light beams. In order to drive safely, especially in the dark, it is necessary to use high-performance main headlamps. The main headlamps 3.31016 and 3.31017 are certified under ECE Standard 112 and generate a high-quality lighting pattern. Besides driving and passing beam, these headlamps also perform the functions of blinking lights, daytime running lights and parking lights. Seals between the housing and headlamp glass as well as on the connections prevent moisture from getting in. Product Portrait 3.31016 Headlamp, left