Product Portrait Bleeder valve

Replaces 1515098 Suitable for Scania P-/G-/R-/T-Series Scania Bus 4-/F-/K-/N-Series Scania 4-Series Scania L-/P-/G-/R-/S-Series Product details Height: max. 53,5 mm Width: max. 15 mm Weight: 0,06 kg Thread: M10 x 1.0 6H Width across flats: SW 17 Bleeder valve structure Product info: This bleeder valve, which is attached directly to the common rail, can be used to vent it after installing a new fuel filter unit. The opening is protected from dust and dirt using the end protection cap attached to the valve. Based on the 9-point testing plan used for this product, the valve is evaluated for flawless function, correct dimensions and further optical characteristics to ensure trouble-free operation. Product Portrait 1.12856 Bleeder valve M10 x 1.0 thread Safety pin 1 2 3 4 Bleed screw Air vent with connectivity 1 2 3 4