Product Portrait Turbocharger

Product Portrait 2.14660 Turbocharger, with gasket kit Structure of the turbocharger Product info: Exhaust turbochargers consist of two flow machines; one turbine and one compressor that are placed on a joint shaft. The compressor draws in fresh air, which is then pressed through the charging air cooler for cooling down and then at up to 2 bar in the combustion chamber. The charging pressure then needs to be adjusted to the engine‘s operating conditions again. For that reason, the exhaust flow is forwarded with the use of the charging pressure control valve through the turbines into the exhaust plant. The turbocharger is balanced at 100,000 min-1 . and subjected to a hot gas test conducted at real operating conditions. Compressor housing Clamps Compressor wheel Oil separator Washer Bushing Bearing housing Gasket Heat shield Exhaust gas wheel with shaft Turbine housing 1 2 5 5 3 3 7 7 9 9 4 4 8 8 10 10 11 11 1 2 2 6 6 6 Replaces 20728220 Suitable for Volvo FH/FM/FMX/NH 9/10/11/12/13/16 D 13 A/B/C Product details Total height: 289 mm External diameter air connection pressure side: 74 mm External diameter air connection suction side: 106 mm Oil connection thread: M8 x 1,25 Exhaust flange thread: M10 x 1,5 Exhaust flange thread distance: 26 mm Exhaust connection external diameter: 122 mm Accessories: 1x seal 2.14212, 1x seal 2.14207, 1x seal 2.14208 Weight: 20,7 kg